The floor is dancing

11 April 2024

To listen is to touch, and to be in touch! What does a sound feel like when you listen through your skin? What do you feel when you touch vibrations, when you cling to sound? These wobbly cubes will spin vibrations against your fingers, and they will spiral through your body until they reach your ears!

During the Big Bang Festival in Amare, you can visit the installation The floor is dancing in the Kunstenplein. It is a project by Sonology students with teacher Irene Ruipérez Canales. This is what they tell about the installation:

'The floor is dancing began last year with a team of fourth-year bachelor students, and Irene Ruipérez, during her class on Educational Skills. At the start of the academic year, we were thrilled to hear that the Big Bang Festival was interested in our project, even though it was still in its early stages. Throughout the year, we welcomed new members to our team, each bringing fresh perspectives, and ideas, contributing to its development and realization. This weekend, we will present our first prototype. We are excited to showcase it at the festival and gather feedback for future improvements!'