The entry requirements for the Master Wind Orchestra (Hafabra) Conducting are:

  • a well developed musical ear and imagination
  • knowledge of the basic repertoire in the specific field of study
  • the ability to independently master scores including the game score that is practiced
  • the ability to professionally rehearse with an orchestra / choir including the associated beating techniques and demonstrate a well-developed personal / artistic vision
  • the ability to lead and inspire an orchestra / choir director at a concert and demonstrate a well-developed personal / artistic vision
  • able to express personal views regarding the composition of concert programmes
  • demonstrate a clear development potential

The entrance exam takes place on the basis of repertoire that you receive no later than two weeks before the entrance examination.

Master plan
Before you start the master you must hand in a Master plan. This plan needs to contain the following: your motivation for following the Master study, the specific principal study you wish to follow and the goals you wish to accomplish, the research programme and its relationship to the principal subject and any other personal wishes for the study.

Download the guidelines for the Master plan.