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It is entirely possible that despite your passion and motivation you have not yet attained the level required for admission to a Bachelor’s or Master’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire, for example because you only discovered your love of music or devotion to a particular instrument later in life.

For those situations we offer a Preparatory Course, which generally lasts one year and with a curriculum specifically designed to teach the student the knowledge and skills required to reach the necessary standard. You will compile the curriculum in consultation with the coordinator of the relevant department. The syllabus will generally consist of some lessons in the main subject and a number of lessons in music theory. In exceptional cases, you will be allowed to take part in projects at the Conservatoire during the Preparatory Course.

The Preparatory Course is not an Bachelor course and students are therefore not entitled to a student loan or a public transport pass. Students under the age of 18 may be entitled to child benefit from the Social Insurance Bank.





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