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The Royal Conservatoire has various creative departments: Sonology, Compositionand ArtScience. In order better to prepare future students for a bachelor’s study in ArtScience, Composition or Sonology, from the 2015–16 academic year they will be offered an orientation course. In this way they will be able to make a considered choice between the creative departments, or to put together a mixed curriculum in consultation with the departmental coordinators.

The students will get weekly grouplessons and modules to the three creative departments and participate in the Exchange Workshopweeks in November and March. They can decide if they want to do an individual project or participate in one of the selected projects from the creative departments. Students get a foretaste of practical work by following the organisation of the CASS evenings and the Spring Festival, in which students of the creative departments present their new work.
After the first and second semester, there is an evaluation to prepare for the bachelor programme.

Who is it for?
The course is intended for secondary school pupils and for domestic or foreign students who are interested in studying at one of the creative departments. After the orientation course an entrance exam must still be taken for the chosen course.

The admission procedure for the orientation course consists of two parts:

  1. an interview to discuss the student’s portfolio, with for example a small composition, a performance or ideas for a sound-installation;
  2. a motivation letter;
  3. sending in audio/video and/or scores and/or documentation of other works.





1 year

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