Orientation Course Composition, Sonology and ArtScience

Studying at the Royal Conservatoire means studying at an institute where tradition and skills are inextricably linked with experimentation and innovation. Many important and inspiring developments in contemporary music practice (acoustic, electroacoustic and cross-media) have found a supportive environment, if not their origins, at the Royal Conservatoire, where the Composition, Sonology and ArtScience departments form a unique cluster devoted to all forms of musical creation. Their students share workshops, courses, concerts and facilities, and make an important contribution to The Hague’s contemporary art and music culture.

Precisely because technology has an increasing presence in the production of music and art, high school students with creative ambitions no longer have unambiguous ideas about what kind of higher education they would like to pursue: they are searching for an education programme which does justice to present-day practice with its blurring of borders between instrumental and electronic music, between visual arts and performance, and between artistic and scientific applications of technology.

In order to give candidates for Composition, Sonology and ArtScience a deeper understanding of these programmes, and at the same time to encourage them to follow a curriculum in which elements from two or all three of them are combined with one another, the Royal Conservatoire is now offering a new orientation course consisting of 15 Saturday workshops. Each workshop deals with a subject that is typical for the respective department, although none of them requires any specific prior knowledge. Furthermore, participants will build up, through their participation in the workshops, a portfolio which will form an excellent basis for the admission exam. During a final meeting participants will discuss and present to each other their portfolios.

Candidates for this orientation course should write a motivation letter and hand in a small portfolio that documents their artistic activities.
The course fee is € 650.
It is not possible to register for separate parts of the course.





16 Saturdays, October 2021 – April 2022


10.00 am - 15.00 pm (including lunch break)

Tuition fee

€ 650,-

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