Family concert Fazil Say

Due to the corona measures, the Amare Open Festival has been cancelled. This program can take place in a trimmed down form. More information about this can be found at

Behind the grand piano, Fazil Say is the storyteller par excellence. Not by only playing piano music, but also reinventing it again and again.

In this family concert, he takes all the grandpas, dads, moms and kids, on a voyage of discovery into the fascinating world of music. Fazil Say not only has a great deal of imagination, but also a flawless technique and a great sense of timing and improvisation. He is a true magician of sound and you will hear and experience what that is during this concert. He plays music straight from the heart and you can feel it. Fazil Say invites all children to take a seat on the stage. That way you can experience it up close. It would not surprise us if you also want to become a pianist.

On Sunday, November 21, on the occasion of Family day in Amare.
In addition to this concert, there will be the grand performance Feest! and many activities for children.

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Sun 21 November 2021 11.00


Conservatoriumzaal, Amare

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