Strange News - New European Ensemble

As part of the WIJ Den Haag project, the New European Ensemble is presenting Strange News by Rolf Wallin and Josse de Pauw..

This programme is part of the project Wij Den Haag.

The ensemble is working on this project with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in order to highlight the connections between the piece and the Court’s work. It is a highly topical venture in light of the recent prosecution of the Ugandan warlord Dominic Ongwen. Strange News is a gripping interdisciplinary piece focusing on the life and fate of a child soldier in this day and age. The Ugandan actor Arthur Kisenyi narrates the story of a young child soldier, his experiences and his ultimate return to a peaceful society.

The story is illuminated with poignant and multidimensional music by the Norwegian composer Rolf Wallin. Film is used to illustrate the African context of the story. In addition to Strange News, the New European Ensemble will perform new work by The Hague composer Florentijn Boddendijk, who takes inspiration from the importance of international criminal law.



Tue 16 November 2021 20.15


Conservatoriumzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium in Amare, Spuiplein 150, Den Haag.