Due to the corona measures, the Amare Open Festival can’t take place. This program has been cancelled. A number of activities can take place in a trimmed down form. More information about this can be found at amare.nl.

Wij Den Haag

Nine city-wide productions on the road to Amare.

Under the title Wij Den Haag, in the months before the grand opening Amare and the Royal Conservatoire are organising a series of concerts and projects with the involvement of dozens of creatives, artists, amateur musicians and the general population. The projects can also be seen during the Open Festival. From September, ensembles and dance groups formed especially for the occasion will conduct rehearsals and give performances around The Hague in preparation for Amare’s festive opening weekend.

Other events during the Wij Den Haag project are:

Instinctive Neighbourhood

Residents of the Rivierenbuurt, the Spuikwartier or the Stationsbuurt have an opportunity to take part in the dance project Instinctive Neigbourhood and perform during Amare’s opening festival!
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Warriors Foot

In this project, organised in association with Corpo Máquina and El Jackson Education, schoolchildren will get the chance to appear in a dance inspired entirely by football.
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Parade naar Amare

The parade is organised in partnership with the following organisations: Sarif Tribou, Blazen aan het Spui, Haagse Notuh, Marchingband Victory, Jacht Hoorn Blaas Groep Waalsdorp, Haags Klezmer Trio, Streetband FF AnderZ, Muziekvereniging Kunst Naar Kracht, Pedlev Blazers Ensemble, Harmonievereniging TAVENU, Muziekvereniging METRO Scheveningen, Straatorkest Eigen Hulp, Kunst voor het Volk, Tobra trio/quartet, Klein maar Dapper and Phoenix Wateringen.

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