Cancelled - Siggi F & SDH

Due to the corona measures, the Amare Open Festival can’t take place. This program has been cancelled. A number of activities can take place in a trimmed down form. More information about this can be found at

In association with Slagwerk Den Haag, Siggi Florentina, Laaktheater and the Royal Conservatoire.

This project is part of the project Wij Den Haag.

Recycling, connection and sustainability are the parameters of the concept that Slagwerk Den Haag (SDH) conceived for a project by the LaakMakers to mark the opening of Amare. The Laakmakers, musicians and performers from the Laakkwartier district of The Hague, take the lead in this project, in which students from the Royal Conservatoire are also involved.

Slagwerk Den Haag is 'recycling' its database of sounds and invited the young creatives of the LaakMakers, under the guidance of Siggi Florentina, to ‘hack’ the SDH Loading Dock in Lulofsstraat with these sounds. The final result of the collaboration will be played in a surprising location in Amare during the Open Festival. The production will be preceded by a talk show.

About the collaboration
SDH, the LaakMakers and the students from the Royal Conservatoire are equal partners in the collaboration, the aim of which is to allow Slagwerk Den Haag and young, urban LaakMakers to get to know one another.

About Slagwerk Den Haag
Slagwerk Den Haag has a fascination with anything to do with sound, pulse and materials that produce sound. It performs and co-creates percussion music in the most diverse forms imaginable. Playing the repertoire, commissioning new works, creating new works with composers and partners from other disciplines, and exploring the limits and possibilities of ordered sound are all in a days’ work for SDH.

About Siggi Florentina
The Hague artist Siggi Florentina is one of the LaakMakers. She is of Antillean origin and started out as a rapper. She now has her own business in which she uses rap to empower young people. Her initiatives and music are intended to show that rap music’s negative image is totally unnecessary and that rap can be used as a tool to motivate young people.

The artistic director of the project is Paul Slangen.

Photography: Gerrit Schreurs

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Fri 5 November 2021 19.00




Fri 19 November 2021 21.00


Amare, Den Haag

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Tickets: Free, via (dwalen door Amare)
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