The entrance exam consists of a practical and a theoretical part. You will have to be successful in both parts in order to secure a place.

The practical exam (audition)

For the first round of the audition (pre-selection) we ask you to send in recordings of the pieces as mentioned below. You can record the different pieces in separate takes.

If you are invited for the second round, you can prepare the same pieces. Please bring a program with you, so the jury knows what you have prepared. The audition will take 15-20 minutes.

  • 1 study e.g.: Bochsa, Naderman, Damase or a more advanced level
  • (parts of) 2 solo performance pieces in different styles e.g.: Tournier - Au Matin Natra - Sonatine or Prayer Naderman - Sonatine Soulage - Choral Bach - Prelude from the Wolhtemperierte Klavier Orthel - 5 Bagatelles Pierné - Impromptu Caprice Watkins - Suite Debussy - Première Arabasque Scarlatti - Sonate

For all suggestions applicable: works of comparable or higher level are also acceptable.

The evaluation of the practical part of the entrance exam will be in part weighed by the (combination of) following factors:

  • previous music education
  • development prognosis
  • professional perspective
  • technical realisation
  • musical expression

Please find examples of theory exams here.