The Art of Sound entrance exams at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague will take place online. The procedure is:


1. You submit a Portfolio before February 29, 2024
2. You submit your Master Project Plan before February 29, 2024
3. You submit your Curriculum Vitae and Motivation Form before February 29, 2024

    Audition round

    4. Motivation interview: the discussion of the master plans and portfolio (max. 30 minutes per candidate) will take place online during the week of April 15, 2024.
    Exact dates will be announced as soon as possible.

      You will only be invited to the motivation interview if your portfolio and your Master Project Plan have been approved. You will be informed about this by email no later than March 20, 9:00 PM CET.

      1. Portfolio

      Your portfolio contains three recording projects, music productions or sound reinforcement projects that you have initiated and designed yourself. The three projects show a diversity in style and applied technique and are representative of your musical and technological approach.

      The projects are documented by means of media (lossless or uncompressed audio, possibly video) and a written report (pdf, minimum 300 words per project, maximum 600 words per project, excluding addenda). The report should contain:

      1. A description of the project
      2. Your tasks and responsibilities in the project
      3. Your creative vision on the project
      4. Your technological vision on the project
      5. A short evaluation of the result

      Addenda such as photos, diagrams, track lists, stage plans, timetables and other relevant data are added in the same document. You create one PDF document per project.
      The media (lossless or uncompressed audio, possibly video) is uploaded to a file storage website (e.g. OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox). For each of the three projects, you include an active and non-expiring link in the PDF document of the project in question. The link will be placed at the top of your document, along with any login information required to access the media.


      For each project you create a PDF document with the following content:

      1. Link to media, including login details for access
      2. Report (300…600 words)
      3. Addenda

      2. Master Project Plan

      Before you start the Art of Sound Master’s study you must submit a Master Project Plan. In your Master Project Plan you indicate your plans for the organization of your Master's study and your Master Project, in which your artistic development, research and entrepreneurship play an important role. View the Master Project Plan Guidelines document for Art of Sound.

      3. Curriculum Vitae and motivation form
      Compose your curriculum vitae according to the Europass CV format.
      Click here for more information on the motivation form.

      4. The motivation interview
      The motivation interview will only take place if your portfolio and master plan have been approved. If your portfolio and/or master plan have not been approved, you will unfortunately receive a message by March 20 at the latest that you have not been accepted.

      If your portfolio and master plan have been approved, you will receive an email stating that you have been invited to the motivation interview, no later than March 20, before 9:00 PM CET. The motivation interviews will take place online in the week of April 15, 2024. The email message will contain the exact date and time (CET) of the motivation interview. At this time you must have a working internet connection in a quiet environment, without other people present. Make sure you are ready on time.

      The motivation interview will take place online via the Microsoft Teams platform. You can download the free Microsoft Teams app here. Make sure you have installed the app well before the start of the conversation. The conversation can also be conducted via the Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome web browsers. Apple users, please note: Microsoft Teams does not work with Safari, you must download the app or use one of the web browsers mentioned. Make sure you are well prepared; If the interview cannot take place for technical reasons, this may have negative consequences for your admission.

      On the day of the motivation interview, you will receive an invitation via a link, by email, 15 minutes before the announced time. One of our employees will test the audio and video connection with you. Then you wait until the committee is available and joins the conversation.

      The motivation interview will last a maximum of 30 minutes. Three jury members will participate in the conversation and ask questions about your ideas about the training and what you want to achieve with it. Your portfolio and master plan will also be discussed with you. Give spontaneous and honest answers, that works best.


      • On March 20, 2024, before 9:00 PM CET, you will receive a message whether you have been invited to the motivation interview, including the exact date and time of the interview.
      • The motivation interviews take place in the week of April 15, 2024. · Make sure you have Microsoft Teams installed.
      • Make sure you are ready in plenty of time and that your internet connection works.
      • Make sure you are alone, in a quiet environment.
      • 15 minutes before the announced time you will receive an invitation (link) by email for a conference call via Microsoft Teams.
      • Accept the invitation; a short test will follow with one of our employees.
      • As soon as the committee is available, the motivation interview can start.

      5. After the entrance exam
      The results of the entrance exam will be communicated by e-mail within two weeks after the entrance exam. The management of the Royal Conservatoire will in principle adopt the advice of the admissions committee, but reserves the right to deviate from this. You will receive an official message about your admission from the management of the Royal Conservatoire as soon as possible, but no later than August 31, 2024.

      6. Cancellations
      If you refrain from your application for registration and the entrance exam, please notify us as soon as possible via Studielink. Then your place for the entrance exams can still be allocated to another candidate who is now on the waiting list.

      8. In conclusion
      We wish you the best of luck with the preparations and look forward to meeting you online soon. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact us at

      Alessandra and Jonty talk about the Master Project

      Need help getting started with designing your Master Project Plan? Watch the video below for some inspiration.