1. Master Plan

See the document Guidelines admission to the Master of Music programme for details about the Master Plan.

2. Portfolio

You have to provide a (online) portfolio with 4 different works (music recordings, music productions, sound reinforcement designs, audio-visual productions, etc.), including audio / video files and written documentation on each work. The works should show both musical and technological versatility and preferably have a clear connection to your Master Plan. If available and applicable, you may include the work on which you graduated for your bachelor program (thesis, paper).

The written documentation shall be maximum 1 A4 per work and shall include:

  • Hyperlink to the uploaded material in your portfolio
  • Title
  • Composer(s)
  • Performer(s)
  • Line up
  • Motivation for the choice of the particular work
  • Description of the creation of the work
  • Motivation for artistic choices taken when creating the work
  • Motivation for technical choices taken when creating the work

Sound files shall be in stereo or surround format and have, in order of preference: no data compression, lossless data compression, 256 kbit/s (or better) mp3, or similar. Sound files and video files should be uploaded to a platform that is generally and constantly accessible, without download time limits (iCloud, Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo). Proper and working hyperlinks to the uploaded work should be made available in your documentation.

3. Instrument


Live performance of 3 pieces:

  • Choose different styles from the western classical repertoire
  • Choose compositions from different periods (ranging from the 17th to the 21st century)
  • One of the pieces may be an etude
  • The pieces are varied in tempo
  • You may play with piano accompaniment; in that case you must arrange for a accompanist yourself

Jazz / Pop

Live performance of 3 pieces, to be performed with accompaniment (to be assigned by the KC):

  • Choose different styles from the Western jazz and pop repertoire
  • The pieces are varied in tempo
  • In your playing you show your ability to improvise (solos)
  • In your playing you show your ability to play together with other musicians
  • The use of electronics and effects is only permitted if there is no significant setup time and preparation time involved.

The accompaniment assigned by the KC is composed as follows:
For monophonic instruments: piano / guitar, bass, drums
For piano / guitar: bass, drums
For bass: piano, drums
For drums: piano, bass