Practical Exam (audition)

For the first round of the audition (pre-selection) we ask you to send in recordings of the pieces as mentioned below. You can record the different pieces in separate takes.

If you are invited for the second round, you can prepare the same pieces. Please bring a program with you, so the jury knows what you have prepared. The audition will take 20-25 minutes, including the Master Project Plan interview.

  • a concert programme of at least 40 minutes
  • pieces from three different style periods, with at least one classical sonata, preferably Beethoven or Schubert
  • Three weeks before the second round (the live entrance exam), the candidates will receive a piece to prepare for the entrance exam (no composer, no title)

When relevant pieces with relation to the Master Project Plan.

Master Project Plan

Before you start the master you must hand in a Master Project Plan. In your Master Project Plan you present your plans for the design of your master's programme and your Master Project in which your artistic development, research and entrepreneurship play an important role.

See the Master Project Plan Guidelines document at the end of the page.

Alessandra and Jonty talk about the Master Project

Need help getting started with designing your Master Project Plan? Watch the video below for some inspiration.