First round (video)
As part of the application for the Master of Music in Choral Conducting we ask you to upload a recent video recording of yourself conducting. The recording exists of two contrasting pieces, totalling between 15 and 30 minutes overall, filmed from the players’ view of the conductor. The repertoire is free of choice.

For the application for the Master of Music in Choral Conducting you also have to send us a video recording of yourself singing. The choice of repertoire is free, this can also be an etude. The recording lasts between 3 and 10 minutes. Next to this we ask you to make a short video recording of yourself playing the piano, preferably a chorale by J.S. Bach, but other repertoire is also allowed. This recording lasts also between 3 and 10 minutes.

Upload your recording on YouTube and send us the URL. Please make sure that the privacy settings of the recording are “unlisted” or “public”.

During the preselection meeting the selection committee will judge your recordings and discuss the other application documents. As a result of the discussion we decide whether we invite you for a live audition. On April 1 the latest, you will hear if you are invited to the next round.

Second round (live)
During the live audition you will work with a choir or ensemble in The Hague or the surrounding area. A month before, you will be informed about the repertoire. The live audition will be judged by a jury.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jaike Bakker when you have questions about the application process, the repertoire or for other questions regarding the conducting department of the Royal Conservatoire.

Alessandra and Jonty talk about the Master Project

Need help getting started with designing your Master Project Plan? Watch the video below for some inspiration.