Because of the Covid 19 situation the entrance auditions take place online

Information about the video and the Master Project Plan

An important part of your application for Master Early Music Vocal Studies is to produce a video recording of a programme of 4 songs and/or aria’s that do not exceed a lenght of 30 minutes. You are free in your selection of the pieces. But it is important to give the selection committee a clear picture of your vocal and artistic level, stylistic awareness and your artistic interests in general. Next to that in your Master Project Plan you give an outline of your ideas about the design of your Master.

In the Master Project Plan Guidelines document at the end of the page you find more information about this plan.

Preselection procedure

In a preselection meeting a selection committee will listen to your recordings and discuss the other documents, focussing on the Master Project Plan, to decide if we invite you for an online entrance exam. If there are any doubts about your vocal level you can be asked to participate in an online session with one of the singing teachers of the committee. This session will also be watched by a second committee member. Based on this session it will be decided if you are still invited for the entrance exam. In exceptional cases it could be possible that we invite you for a preparatory year (information about this course to be found on this website).

Entrance exam

The entrance exam will be an interview about your video, your reason for choosing these particular works, your motivation letter and cv and your Master Project Plan. We also use this interview to see if your oral command of English is sufficient to follow the Masters programme succesfully. Strongly motivated students who have a deficiency in knowledge on and experience with the Historically Informed Performance Practise will be offered a special intensive course in the first semester of the Master.

Alessandra and Jonty talk about the Master Project

Need help getting started with designing your Master Project Plan? Watch the video below for some inspiration.