Please note: Admission to the Bachelor of Early Music Vocal Studies is through the Vocal Department and not through the Early Music Department.First Round (video recordings and Master Project Plan)

To apply for the Master Early Music Vocal Studies a video recording should be send in with a programme consisting of 4 songs and/or arias of different character and style. The programme should have a maximum length of 30 minutes and include:

  • 3 different languages, amongst one 17th century Italian piece and one 17th or 18th century French piece;
  • one opera aria with recitativo

Your choice of repertoire shows your experience with and knowledge of the Early Music practice.

Preferably, the programme is related to your proposal for the Master Research.

In addition to the video recordings, you send in your Master Project Plan, that gives an outline of your ideas about the design of your Master studies. In the Master Project Plan Guidelines document at the end of the page you find more information about the requirements of the plan.

Second Round (live auditions)

During the live auditions you will present the same repertoire as sent in for the first audition round. You will have the chance to choose the first piece, after which the jury will choose the second (and possibly third) piece.

Part of the exam is a conversation about your Master Research and Professional Intyegration Activity, that you choose to do before or after the presentation of your repertoire.

During the live audition, you will be accompanied on harpsichord, 415 hz.

Alessandra and Jonty talk about the Master Project

Need help getting started with designing your Master Project Plan? Watch the video below for some inspiration.