To acquire a qualification to teach their own instrument or do voice coaching Conservatoire students are required to provide instrument/voice teaching classes for two so-called pedagogic students or pupils for a number of months.

These students - beginners and more advanced pupils, children and adults - are taught an instrument or are given vocal training once a week.
Classes on average take 45 minutes and take place in principle at the Royal Conservatoire under the supervision of the relevant method teacher. The day and time for the lesson is agreed with the student or pupil.

The instrument/vocal teaching classes take place from September to April inclusive. The number of lesson hours is a minimum of 16, which as a rule works out at around 25 lessons.

To be able to attend the classes the pedagogic students or pupils need to set aside time every day for study. Weekly attendance is a must to safeguard the methodic structure of the lessons and the sound progress of the Conservatoire student’s study and the learning process of the pedagogic student or pupil.


Applications are currently closed. The next round of applications will be in January 2020. In January, we will also know which instruments will be available.

You will be informed by email if you have been placed as a pedagogic student as of September. (Supply is normally greater than demand so placement is not always possible). The Conservatoire does not use waiting lists. If you are not placed you can always apply again the following year.

A suitability test is part of the application process for a number of instruments.
We do not accept pedagogic students who are taught the same instrument by a different teacher.

Tuition fee
€ 150 for each lesson series from September to April inclusive.
(Tuition fees are only refunded if the student terminates the course of lessons early on and no full replacement can be found).

For questions and cancellations, please send an email to the coordinator Marijn Abbink.