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The Jazz programme at the Royal Conservatoire is a launching pad for many combos and ensembles that go on to perform at all the major jazz venues throughout the Netherlands. There is a lively interaction between the Department and the professional circuit and you will already make many appearances during the course. The Royal Conservatoire’s Big Band performs frequently in the Netherlands and abroad and our students have won many prizes at international competitions. In other words, your career already starts during your studies.

Jazz is one of the most international of music genres. Deeply rooted in tradition and constantly reinventing itself, jazz is also a very vital style of music. That aspect is very clearly reflected in the jazz programme at the Royal Conservatoire. Our students come from every corner of the world, bringing the musical influences of their culture with them. The result is a course that yields an exciting cross-pollination of musical styles.

During the first three years of the Bachelor’s course, students of vocals devote a lot of time to studying the repertoire. You will immediately put the theory into practice during the lessons in improvisation. An important aspect of the course is helping you to develop your own artistic profile as a jazz musician. The Royal Conservatoire’s Career Development Office will mediate between you and clients so that you are guaranteed a lot of practical experience.


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75min/ week


4 years


Bachelor of Music


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“The Jazz Department is like one big family (…) but I also meet a lot of people from other departments. I like playing music with them and it’s nice to learn so much” – Alba, student Jazz Trumpet

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