Anyone with the ambition of becoming a professional dancer needs to receive the right training from a young age. The Dance department offers an introductory course for children in groups 4 to 8 of primary school.

The Orientation Programme gives children the opportunity to become acquainted with the professional nature of the Dance programme. In addition to a preparatory course in classical ballet technique, the course emphasises individual expression, discipline, coordination, rhythm, musicality and collaboration in a group.

During the orientation programme the pupils are already taught the principles behind the school’s vision of the training of the dancers of the future:

Participants in Young KC Dance do not automatically advance to the Dance programme itself. The children who will go on to the first year of the Dance programme are selected at the final audition in March. The children who are admitted to the programme then receive Entree classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays in April, May and June.

Children in group 5 or 6 of primary school who have no previous dance experience can enter Young KC Dance 1 until the end of December.

Children in group 7 and 8, or from a different dance programme can enter Young KC Dance Extra in January.

Here you will find the auditions and activities for the Dance Department/School for Young Talent in the academic year 2019-2020 for academic year 2020-2021.


12-10-2019: Open Day and audition Dance Department, dance studios KC, 13.00 h


2-11-2019: Audition in Hoofddorp (Pier K, Laura Wissing), 14:15 h

23-11-2019: Audition in The Hague, dance studios KC 10.30 h

30-11-2019: Audition in Zoetermeer (Danspodium Pas de Deux), 13.30 h


14-12-2019: Audition in The Hague, dance studios KC, 10.30 h


18-01-2020: Audition in The Hague, dance studios KC, 10.30 h


15-02-2020: Audition in The Hague, dance studios KC, 10.30 h


14-03-2020: Audition in The Hague, dance studios KC, 10.30 h


You can find information about auditions and entrance exams of the Bachelor here.

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