For entrance to the Art of Sound course, legally set preliminary training requirements and additional special requirements demanded by higher vocational arts education must have been obtained.

To comply with the legally set preliminary training requirements you need:

  • a secondary school diploma, with a strong mathematics and physics component, that qualifies for (international) higher education or university level education programs.

To meet the additional requirements it is necessary to pass the entrance test.

The entrance test consist of two parts on two successive days in the period April 21-23, 2020.

The first part consists of the following subjects:

1. Music theoretical test
Examples of theoretical exams

2. Mathematics test (multiple choice questions)
In order to follow the Art of Sound Mathematics and Physics program successfully, you need to have basic knowledge of Mathematics. The level of the test on this website is a minimum required level, the subjects that are treated in the test are supposed to be common knowledge.

Example of mathematic tests

3. Hearing test
The taking of a technical hearing test, in which an analytical ear and the ability to differentiate is tested with short sound fragments.

If the candidate has passed those tests successfully, an invitation for the second part will follow. The second part of the entrance test consists of the following subjects:

1. Musical ability test
The playing of a music instrument (classical, jazz, pop) in order to gain insight into musical aptitude and ability, of the taking of a test of ability in another artistic discipline which can provide insight into the aptitude for, affinity with, and level of skill in this artistic discipline.

Check the details for the musical ability test

2. Motivation talk
The candidate has a conversation with the entrance committee, showing the affinity with the field of Art of Sound.