First Round (video recordings)

To apply for the Bachelor Classical Music Vocal Studies a video recording should be send in with a programme consisting of 4 songs and/or arias of different character and style. The programme should have a maximum length of 20 minutes and include at least 2 different languages. Your choice of repertoire shows your musical interest and affinity.

When auditioning for the first Bachelor year, you are assessed on your current vocal level, as well as on your musical potential and expressiveness. If you want to enroll in a higher study year we relate your current level to the duration of your previous studies.

In addition to the vocal programme, a recording of a poem (in any language, but preferably in your mother language) should be send in. The maximum length is 4 minutes.

Second Round (live auditions)

During the live auditions you will present the same repertoire as sent in for the first audition round. You will have the chance to choose the first piece, after which the jury will choose the second (and possibly third) piece. You might also be asked to perform the poem.

Part of the exam is a sight reading test, that you choose to do before or after the presentation of your repertoire.

Music theory test
In the weeks before your entrance exam there will be an online theory test. In order to qualify for a study -place you have to pass this test.
More information about the theory test.