Choral conducting is a complex discipline that calls for both a broad spectrum of artistic development and excellent social skills, because a conductor has to be able to lead groups of both amateur and professional musicians. Singers expect you to inspire them to perform to the highest possible standard. They expect you to have a vision of the repertoire and an understanding of the singing voice, but also to be efficient and capable of maintaining a good spirit during rehearsals.

As a student Choral Conducting you are part of the Vocal Department. The Bachelor’s programme will train you to become a qualified conductor of a broad range of (amateur and/or semi- professional) choirs. You will develop your musical and communication skills and follow courses in baton technique, rehearsal methods, playing from a score and ear training. Considerable attention is devoted to repertoire and programming to give you the tools to compile your own engaging and challenging programmes for choirs of different levels.Next to singing lessons, you will also receive language training (German, Frech and/or Italian)

You will immediately be able to put everything you have learned into practice at the bi-weekly ensemble practicum where, under the supervision of the teachers, you will bring your conducting into practice. The practicum choir is formed by a combination of the students of choral conducting and students whose main subject is vocal studies.

For the final exam in the Bachelor programme you will conduct a concert at which you will be expected to demonstrate your ability to guide a choir through a convincing artistic performance of your vision of the score. You will be evaluated on your expressiveness and awareness of style and your ability to convey to the choir what you wish to say with the music in a professional manner.





4 years


Bachelor of Music

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Marjolein Niels

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