Every discipline has its experts, the scholars who are turned to for a clear explanation and interpretation when things are really complex. Music is no different. Our experts acquire their expertise in the Theory of Music (or Music Theory) programme. If you have a strong affinity with music, as a performing musician or composer, and exploring the theoretical depths of the subject only stimulates your enthusiasm, this Bachelor’s programme will suit you.

Every facet of music and musical structure is thoroughly unravelled during the four years of the course. The starting point is the study of the great works of Western music through the centuries, from the Middle Ages to the present. You will develop the skills to teach music theory at every level of music education, from a music school to a conservatory and a Musicology department at a university.

The bachelor curriculum subjects covers three key areas. The first is ‘Artistic Development and Musicianship Skills’, which includes subjects such as harmony – written and at the piano, counterpoint in various styles, instrumentation and arranging, score playing, piano, singing or orchestral instrument, rhythm class, Aural training and Solfège (Aural Skills) and Analysis (including the more analytical side to Aural Skills). The second is ‘Academic Skills’ which embraces Literature and the history of music theory, Music History, Classical Music Studies, Music aesthetics and philosophy. At the end of the Bachelor you will perform your own research project for your Bachelor’s degree. The third aspect that receives special attention is ‘Professional Preparation’. Courses such Educational Skills and Ensemble Leading, Methodology of Teaching, education internships (including chamber music coaching as part of Analysis and Performance’) will help you to prepare you for the professional field.

During the four years the course will progress from a broad study of general theory to a clear specialisation and differentiation, culminating in a final presentation in which you will be expected to demonstrate your versatility in the field of music theory, both in academic/methodological terms and in terms of composition and creation.





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Bachelor of Music

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