Because of the Covid 19 situation the entrance auditions take place online.

Video recording

As part of the application for the Bachelor Early Music Vocal Studies we ask you to produce a video recording of a programme of 4 songs and/or aria’s which together do not exceed a length of 20 minutes. One of the works can be a vocalise. Show us that you are interested in Early Music. Always choose pieces that match your current level and with which you feel comfortable. If you are auditioning for the first Bachelor year, we not only assess your present skills but also your vocal and musical potential and general expressiveness. If you want to enroll in a higher study year we relate your presentation to the duration of your previous studies. We also ask you to videotape a poem with a length of maximum 4 minutes. This can be in any language, even in a language that you think the committee might not speak. For us it is about the expressiveness you show in your presentation.

Preselection process

During the preselection meeting the selection committee will listen to your recordings and discuss the other documents. As a result of the discussion we decide whether we invite you for an entrance exam. If the committee members do not come to a joint conclusion we can ask you to participate in an online session with one of the singing teachers of the committee. This session will be also watched by second committee member. Based on the session we decide if you are still invited for the entrance exam. It could also be possible that we invite you for a so called ‘ preparatory year’. See information on the website.

Entrance exam

The actual entrance exam will be an online interview about your video, the reason you chose these particular works, your motivation letter and your cv. Part of the exam is a sight reading test. About 15 minutes before the start of the interview we sent you some sheet music. We do not expect you to sing the piece without mistakes, we also want to find out how you approach sight reading in general.

Music theory test

In the weeks before your entrance exam there will be an online theory test. In order to qualify for a study-place you have to pass this test.

More information about the online test will be announced soon.

In the meantime you can find a trial exam on this link .