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Students who have earned their Bachelor’s degree in performance practice of the historical clarinet with a grade of good or very good can follow the Master’s programme in Historical Clarinet in the Early Music Department. The Master’s programme is in principle also open to students with a Bachelor’s degree in modern clarinet.

The two-year Master’s programme offers you the opportunity to study the main subject in greater depth on the basis of a personally designed study plan. You will receive guidance in three aspects: artistry (your instrument as main subject), research, and professional practice.

As a Master’s student at one of the largest and most important institutes of its kind you have already demonstrated a high degree of musical proficiency. Naturally, you will be given the scope to take the initiative in shaping your own activities in preparation for the transition to a professional career.

Good research is a fundamental element of the Early Music curriculum. At the same time, we believe it is important that you develop into a self-sustaining musician who can handle the ever-changing professional practice well. For this reason you are required to do research on a topic of your choice during the master's programme. You will be assisted by a research supervisor, follow an introductory course about doing (artistic) research and an elective in your first year. You will participate in a Master circle, a 'peer-to-peer ' group consisting of fellow students and a circle leader. At the end of your master’s programme you are required to present the results of your research. Upon registration to the master's programme, you must write a study plan (Master Plan), in which you describe how you want to compile your master’s programme.

Preparation for professional practice
Preparation for professional practice will be on the curriculum throughout the Master. Of course, you will spend a large amount of time on stage in one of the many ensembles and combos, that you and your fellow students set up during the degree. But being an exceptional instrumentalist or singer does not guarantee professional success. The course Professional Integration and Project Management will address issues of the professional world. After this course you will receive individual guidance on creating your own project in your second year.






75 min/ week


2 years


Master of Music

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Teunis van der Zwart

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