Due to the ongoing COVID situation, the Residence Orchestra has, in consultation with the Royal Conservatoire, postponed the Orchestra Master to the 2022/2023 academic year.

Audition Regulations

You can only audition for the Orchestra Master after successful admission to the regular master’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire (KC). If you are admitted to the master’s after the regular audition dates with Residentie Orkest The Hague (RO), you can be admitted conditionally to the Orchestra Master. The intended level is that of instrumental remplaçant.

The RO issues the audition and the orchestral inspector of the RO will organise practical matters. Present at the Orchestra Master auditions are: The artistic director (RO), representative of the Works Council (RO), section leaders and principal winds (RO) and head of the Classical Department KC.

You audition with the RO audition materials listed specifically for this purpose. You can find this material below. You perform the concerto requested. The committee selects a number of orchestra parts and requests these shortly before the audition.

The artistic director of the RO and one or more of the RO representatives of the relevant instrumental groups have voting rights. The Works Council representative and the head of the Classical Department KC do not have voting rights. Voting procedure: ballot papers ‘suitable/unsuitable’ are filled in on the spot immediately after every audition. A majority of votes determines suitability, but there is room for discussion.

After the auditions the artistic director RO and the Head of the Classical Department KC decide who is admitted by mutual agreement. A brief report will be made of your audition by the Works Council representative, that you will receives both in case of negative and positive result.

Download here the programmes for the various orchestral instruments:




Double bass




High horn

Low horn






Bass trombone


Bass clarinet