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This course is intended to enable unqualified music teachers who are already working in primary or secondary education to gain the formal qualifications. The lessons are given from 2.30 until 9.30 p.m. on Mondays so that classes can be combined with work. If you are already a music teacher in a primary or secondary school, with the Music Teaching Lateral Entry course you can acquire the same qualifications in two years as students who follow the four-year Bachelor’s programme.

Students wishing to follow the lateral entry course have to meet a number of conditions: you have to be teaching for at least two days a week in secondary education or for two part-days in primary education; possess an HBO diploma; and pass the assessment for admission to the course. The assessment consists of the following elements: a visit to a lesson, historical portfolio, an intake interview and a number of assignments. Candidates also have to meet the same instrumental entry requirements as students in the regular Bachelor of Music Teaching course. The costs of the assessment and the course are paid by the school at which you work from funds provided by the government.

The focus of the curriculum for the lateral entry course is on learning and mastering teaching skills in four areas of competence: artistic, pedagogic, musical and organisational. Many lessons are given by guest lecturers who have earned a reputation in the world of music teaching in the Netherlands. The course is tailored to the individual student and the curriculum can differ according to the student.

The course comprises theory (methodology, pedagogics, internship) and practical subjects (composing, improvisation, pop and world music, song accompaniment, singing, arranging, conducting ensembles). The student’s progress is permanently monitored and the supervision can be customised and intensified where necessary.





2 years


Getuigschrift Bekwaamheidsonderzoek, eerstegraads bevoegdheid Docent Muziek

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