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The Bachelor in Violin/Viola in the Early Music department at the Royal Conservatoire is a highly practice-oriented course. For many students, this course is a follow-up to a course in modern violin. In that case, the initial phase of the Bachelor programme is devoted to developing the correct posture and mastering the specific techniques required to play the historical instruments. The course in baroque violin focuses on the repertoire from the early 17th century until the middle of the 19th century and follows a primarily historical approach. In the course of the programme the technical demands are gradually increased: for example, students are eventually expected to play without a shoulder pad or chin rest. 

Although the course is highly practical in nature, the study of early music demands a good theoretical grounding and background knowledge of the history of music and instruments. You will therefore also study the fundamentals of basso continuo, the historic development of this instrument, as well as the practice and theory of ornamentation, diminutions, notation and analysis of style. Research is another essential feature of the programme and you will be introduced gradually to the subject with lessons in bibliography, source studies and research techniques.

You can give your Bachelor programme a more personalised profile with your choice from a range of electives, including baroque dance, style-related improvisation, advanced lessons in basso continuo and rhetoric. Master classes and lectures will be given regularly by specialists ( musicians and musicologists) from the Netherlands and abroad.

The Early Music department of the Royal Conservatoire enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the largest and most important faculties of its kind. For forty years the department has formed a unique breeding ground and melting pot for talent in historical performance practice. Vocal and instrumental styles of music from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance up to the end of the Early Romantic period are taught by musicians with an international reputation as authorities in their field. Because of the high standards demanded by the international teaching staff, a degree from the Royal Conservatoire is an automatic recommendation in professional circles.


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60 min/ week


4 years


Bachelor of Music

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Johannes Boer

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