Rik Mol

Docent Trompet

Jazz trumpeter and session musician Rik Mol (Goes, 1984) began playing trumpet at the age of eight and went to the School of Young Talent at the Royal Conservatoire as a teenager. Initally he focused on the classical trumpet, but after lessons from Wynton Marsalis, he also began to orientate more and more towards the jazz and pop. "I cannot rule out any genre. I like almost all types of music and do not like to think in boxes", said Rik Mol, who in his musical career received several prestigious music awards like the Berlin Yamaha Soloist Jazz / Pop Award, the Princess Christina Competition, European Trumpet Contest in 2004 and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund Prize.

Rik was part of Piet Noordijk quintet, Eric Ineke JazzXpress, Nueva Manteca, Cubop City Big Band. He also played with a host of international (Steve Lukather, WDR Big Band, Chaka Khan, Basement Jaxx) and national artists (Vince Mendoza, Trijntje Oosterhuis, Alain Clark, Candy Dulfer, the Metropole Orchestra, Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw).

The trumpet and compositions by Rik can be heard regularly in films, commercials and countless CDs. Seemingly effortless he manages to move within the various styles of jazz and pop Music. Rik is also part of the most requested brass section in the Netherlands, ‘Jayhorns’ ( they worked with David Guetta, Nikki Minaj, Marco Borsato, etc.). In addition, he recorded three solo CDs under his own name and put himself on the international musical map through numerous tours with his band 'Rik Mol Group' in South America, Asia.