In this section, we highlight the latest additions to this guide and updates regarding the Microsoft 365 environment.

You can find the entire Microsoft 365 update roadmap here if you want to find something specific that is not mentioned in our guide yet.

Updates & Additions:


  • Microsoft is currently working on the functionality to share computer system-audio during Teams meetings for MAC users. Roll out is expected to be this month! See this feature on the roadmap here.
  • Galleryview with 49 visible meeting attendees is now available in Teams. Here is an instruction video on how to enable this.
  • A lobby system for meeting attendees is made available allowing for more options to manage your attendance. See the instruction video for more information.
  • Ability to 'hard mute' attendees during a meeting. This means you can choose that certain attendees cannot unmute themselves. See instructions here.


  • New meeting experiences are now available in Teams. To enable this; go to your profile picture --> settings --> application --> 'turn on new meeting experience'. See all the new features here.


  • KonCon e-Learning Guide has been significantly revamped, tweaked and now also includes a dedicated section for students.
  • System audio sharing support for MAC is being worked on by Microsoft. Expected release is Q32020.
  • Microsoft is working on integration between Team calendar and Teams assigments. This feature will enable you (teachers & students) to see important assignments in your Teams calendar. See development roadmap here.
  • Large group visibility in Teams videomeetings is in development. Up to 49 participants will be visible simultanously during meetings. See the development roadmap here.
  • 'Together Mode' is in development by Microsoft. This feature uses AI technology to place videomeeting participants together as if there are in the same room. See example here and the development roadmap here.


  • New section 'Online Assessment' has been added to the site for information on the use of online portfolios, assignments and related video-meetings during the examperiod.
  • Teams now supports up to 9 people visible during Team meetings
  • Teams now have a 'raise hand function' during Team meetings
  • Videos 'Presenting in Teams, settings & notifications and giving informal assignments' have been added to the video tutorial section.



This guide contains useful information, resources, links, important software updates and examples of how you can teach and learn online at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague. On the left you will find the different sections where all this information is located. If you visit this page on a mobile device you will find these sections by clicking on 'more information'.

If you want to get started promptly we have also made some quick guides. There are numerous links in these guides. Hold the 'shift' key (or 'command' on Mac) to open them in a new window without leaving the quick guide:

e-Learning quick guide for teachers

e-Learning quick guide for students

If you can't find the information you need in this guide, please feel free to contact us at

Your KC account

All employees and students at the Royal Conservatoire have a ‘KC account’; this means you will not only have a dedicated KC email address but also an online identity in Microsoft 365 and Teams. It is therefore important that your account is in working order and that you have set a safe password. Please log in on this Office365 portal using your KC credentials to see if there are any issues. In case you have forgotten your password, you can reset it safely here.

We strongly recommend you use your KC account and email as much as possible. This uniform approach will benefit students greatly as well!

In case you encounter any problems with your KC account please contact:

Microsoft 365 and Teams

When using your KC account you will have access to the Microsoft 365 suite (Word, Powerpoint, Excel) where you can work together on documents, make your own survey forms, upload videos and etc. Click on the portal link above to gain access to all these useful apps.

MS Teams is connected to Microsoft 365 and can be regarded as a ‘virtual classroom’ or Learning Management System (LMS).
Here you can set-up classes and share documents, assignments, feedback and/or have team meetings. Teams can be used on multiple devices but it’s best to use a desktop computer or laptop (see hardware below). Also, make sure you download the Teams application for the best user experience.

Required hardware

In order to properly teach and learn online you will need at least a laptop and/or desktop computer. For an all-round best experience in Microsoft 365 & Teams you will need to meet the following minimum specifications:

- Windows 10 version 1709 or higher, MacOS 10.13.6 or higher
- i5 processor (or more)
- 8 GB internal (RAM) memory
- 256gb SSD for storage
- Webcam

For the exact hardware requirements for Teams you can go here.
Depending on your specific courses, additional requirements may apply such as additional video-memory (GPU).

In case you do not have the required hardware, please contact as they might be able to lend you adequate equipment. For additional equipment such as webcams, microphones and USB audio-interfaces you can contact Note that both departments have limited supplies.

For more information on hardware and improving your internet connection go to our dedicated hardware section

Safety & privacy

Online education offers all kinds of new teaching and learning possibilities, which can be very exciting. However there are also certain shortcomings and risks when conducting online education. At the Royal Conservatoire we can only support and manage a few applications. Please be cautious and assess all risks before downloading a new application.

In terms of privacy, data-protection and cyber security, we always recommend using apps and software supported by the Royal Conservatoire. When in doubt, please contact the privacy office. For more information on safety & privacy please go to our dedicated section here.

We wish you all the best in your online endeavors!

The KonCon e-Learning Team