KonCon e-Learning: Teach and Learn remotely

Due to the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 (Corona), The Royal Conservatoire has taken the unprecedented step of going to remote learning for the time being. By following the social distancing policies that are being put in place around the world, we will do our part to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus as we transitioned all teaching activities out of the classroom to online resources, we have created this site to serve as a guide to online teaching (e-Learning).

The teaching and work applications of the Royal Conservatoire are part of Microsoft Office365. As a student, teacher and staff of the University of the Arts in The Hague you have free access to these applications when you use your Royal Conservatoire credentials (email and password). You can find the applications here. We advise you to install these applications on your computer to make the most out of your online studying, teachings and work.

In this section, we highlight the latest additions to the website, Office365 and KonCon e-Learning examples.

Updates & Additions:


  • New section 'Online Assessment' has been added to the site for information on the use of online portfolios, assignments and related video-meetings during the examperiod.
  • Teams now supports up to 9 people visible during Team meetings
  • Teams now have a 'raise hand function' during Team meetings
  • Videos 'Presenting in Teams, settings & notifications and giving informal assignments' have been added to the video tutorial section.


Here, you will find best practices for e-Learning along with information on technology tools to support your remote teaching. We are here to help. If you cannot easily find what you need, please contact our e-Learning coordinator, Thomas Vorisek.

We will explain tools supported by the KC ICT-Team such as Microsoft Teams.

MS Teams is relatively new to us, so we are still working on optimising our support for this software. Use the e-'Learning Tools' tab to learn more about this application.

On the left of the page, under the tabs 'Individual Lessons' and 'Group lessons" you will find information about how common types of education at the conservatoire can be given online.

Online education offers all kinds of new possibilities, which can be very exciting but don’t forget that there are also shortcomings and risks. At the Royal Conservatoire we can only support a few applications, such as MS Teams. Please be cautious and assess all risks before downloading a new app. In terms of privacy, data-protection and cybersecurity, we always recommend using apps and software supported by the KC ICT-Team. When in doubt, please contact the privacy office.

We wish you all the best in your online endeavours!

The KonCon e-Learning Team