Diversity and Inclusion

Society is becoming increasingly diverse and so is the face of the conservatoire; but we can always do better.

In 2017 - 2018, music psychologist Nicole Jordan was invited to the conservatoire to interview teachers and students on their ideas for increasing diversity within the institute. The goal was to create a plan to help the conservatoire to become an even more open, welcoming, and inclusive place.

Over the year, Nicole examined the stats of student nationality of the conservatoire and gathered ideas on how to create a community that includes all types of diverse people; not only nationalities, but also cultures, genders, people with disabilities, different socioeconomic levels, and more.

Principal Henk van der Meulen puts into words why improving on diversity and inclusion is so important:

The resulting Diversity Action Plan (‘The Plan’) includes six action domains, and is intended to broaden the diversity of the student population, staff, and the public coming through our doors. The six domains are:

  1. Communication, Transparency & Monitoring;
  2. External Community;
  3. Education on Diversity and Diversity in Education;
  4. Creation & Collaboration;
  5. Equity;
  6. Support.

Nicole is now back as the conservatoire's first Diversity Officer to help implement ideas:

She will be promoting the diversity initiative via talks, meetings, videos, seminars, to name just a few. Diversity and inclusivity is not just a hot topic; it demands action to make sure that all are welcome now and into the future.

As one interviewee said: "For us as an institute it's very important to maintain a strong relation with society. If we are not connected to society, art has no meaning.”

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