IN.TUNE is the only European Universities Alliance in the field of music and arts. Together with seven other European universities, the Royal Conservatoire The Hague was selected from over 60 applications by the EU Commission.
IN.TUNE emphasises the important role of higher education in shaping sustainable, democratic and resilient societies.

Academic partners

In addition to the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague, IN.TUNE brings together the following institutions:

The European University Alliance's Focus Areas

IN.TUNE was founded in the midst of various social developments that present both opportunities and challenges for higher music education and the cultural and creative sector. Changes in the situation of musicians and artists due to rapid technological developments, shifts in professional roles and increasingly insecure forms of funding for the cultural and creative sector require ongoing adaptation of pedagogical practices and strategic concepts of higher education institutions.

The work of the European University Alliance therefore revolves around four central topics: Joint education and mobility, research and innovation, social engagement, governance and collaboration.

These are addressed in eight work packages, with each partner institution leading one of them, while also actively participating in others. Together, the partner universities will develop strategies for preparing students for future working environments in the arts and culture sector. The focus will be placed in particular on knowledge transfer, audiovisuality and innovation in digitally supported mobility and cooperation formats.

Quality assurance

The Royal Conservatoire is leading the Quality Assurance package.
Our goal is to establish a strong Quality Assurance Process for IN.TUNE. This process involves two key aspects:

  1. Developing robust quality assurance measures using both internal and external tools to monitor all activities and outcomes of IN.TUNE.
  2. Reviewing current institutional quality assurance systems and exploring ways to align and collaborate more closely between these systems. This alignment aims to ensure that our long-term institutional cooperation within IN.TUNE is built on mutual trust in artistic standards and educational quality, fostering continuous improvement.

A large number of Associated Partners, including the European Association of Conservatoires (AEC), support IN.TUNE with expertise in the fields of research and social engagement and connect the consortium to different areas of Europe's cultural and social life.

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