Genevieve Murphy - "My path as a composer has been exciting, nerve-racking and surprising"

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Alumnus Genevieve Murphy about her time at the Royal Conservatoire.

"The Royal Conservatoire Of The Hague encouraged me to understand that a composer must not only try to push the boundaries of music and sound but that we must take on many other roles too. We must share our musical vision through the score like a visual artist, communicate with musicians like a director and let go of control while they make it their own. Once our work is released into the audience’s ears, via an acoustic environment that we have carefully examined, it is no longer ours but the musician’s and listener’s who have invited it into their individual universes. Upon graduating from the conservatoire my path as a composer has taken many directions, from live concerts, to galleries, solo performances to film- all of which have been exciting, nerve-racking and surprising. I would never have dared to make these steps without the tools that my tutors and this conservatoire equipped me with. "

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Photo-credit: Vera Rijks