Interview in 'De Trouw' with our Jazz Alumna Luca Warmer

24 juni 2022

Voice artist Luca Warmer (28). Graduated in Jazz from the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague in 2021.

Has she ever considered choosing a completely different profession? "Definitely not", says Luca Warmer. "I will keep doing this until I die." She started with music early: from the age of ten she played alto saxophone, since the age of twelve she also sings: her love of music has survived corona. She graduated in 2021 as a jazz vocalist, with honours. Her final concert was livestreamed on YouTube, but not published. To attract some attention anyway, Luca put her performance online herself. It is typical of her generation of artists, she says. "It is as if you graduate in a world where there seems to be less room for you as an artist, as if you are not allowed to be there. Yet she does not see herself as a victim, but rather as a resilient individual.

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