Pascal Schut - "Our class created an atmosphere of nurturing, finding understanding and helping each other to collectively grow"

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Alumnus Pascal Schut about his time at the Royal Conservatoire.

"Before coming to The Hague I studied dance at the Bonnefanten College in Maastricht, under the leadership of Marja Ronda. I have to thank her most, for she was patient, believing and helped me towards this journey. When I was accepted at the Royal Conservatory in 2009, I couldn’t quite believe it. It was such an honour to learn, study and to be part of a place which is extremely enriched. You enter this space and there is this atmosphere, a collective of highly motivated, ambitious, creative and determined people. These artists work towards something they believe in and spend hours and hours reinventing, investing, training and improving themselves. We were fortunate and lucky to be taught - educated - by teachers, musicians who were exceptional and used their knowledge and experiences to guide us in the best way possible. The standard and expectations were high and in order to achieve and grow, you had to be determined, focused and disciplined.

Our class created an atmosphere which was never that of unhealthy competition. But more of nurturing, finding understanding and helping each other to collectively grow.

I still have a lot of beautiful memories from that time and without all these layers I wouldn’t be where and who I am today. All so rewarding, looking back with a lot of gratitude.

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Photo-credit: Hans Giesberts