Stefan Kruger

Docent Drums

Drummer/producer Stefan Kruger (Amsterdam, 1965) is the initiator of many musical projects. While still studying at the Conservatory of The Hague (1992, cum laude + Fock medal) and the Rotterdam conservatory – together with Bart Suèr the group SFeQ (1989). Stefan asked beat magician Git Hyper to join the band and SfeQ was the first jazz formation with a DJ. They toured all over the world and the band won several awards.

Stefan continued his studies in New York (1994) and Havana (1995) with Joe Morrelo, Vernel Fournier and Pancho Quinto, among others. Stefan was involved in the founding of Martinez Move (1992) and New Cool Collective (1995).

In 1998, Stefan asked Brazilian singer Lilian Vieira for some songs to sing for SFeQ. Zuco 103 was born out of that collaboration, with the German keyboardist Stefan Schmid. The three of them created a new sound: the Brazilelectro. Their debut album Outro Lado was released in 1999 on the Belgian label Crammed, which also releases the four subsequent albums. Their album After the Carnival (2008) was released by the Dutch label Dox. Zuco also published: in 2015 The best of Zuco 103, in 2016 Etno Chic, in 2019 Tripicalismo and in 2023 Telenova. Zuco still tours all over the world.

Stefan (co)produced Treble in 2006 for the International Song Contest, in 2008 Steye's debut album, in 2009 Ruben Hein's debut CD, Loose Fit and in 2013 Black Ink by the Ethiopian singer Minyeshu.

In January 2011 Stefan was asked to become musical director of Caro Emerald live. With this band he toured internationally until 2014. Also in 2011, he produced 103 pieces with Zuco for Joe Jackson's Duke Ellington project. And in 2013 he produced 'The Amsterdam Sessions' for Joe Jackson for the album Fast Forward.

In 2014 he founded the band Krupa & The Genes together with drummer Joost Patocka, further consisting of Anton Goudsmit, Raphael Vanoli, Sean Fasciani, Jasper Blom and Maarten Hogenhuis.

In 2019, his project Dr. Jordan Institute released the album Jab Jab. A musical project that he founded together with guitarist Mark Tuinstra and the Canadian/Trinidadian opera singer Nicole Jordan in 2017. Plays since 2020 with the guitar trio Fakrutu.

Stefan has been teaching jazz drums at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague since 2001. He also regularly plays film music and commercials as a studio musician. Plays with the guitar trio Fakrutu since 2020.