Stefan Kruger

Hoofdvakdocent Jazz Drums

Stefan Kruger (Amsterdam, 1965) grew up in an artistic family, and jazz and soul music were a part of his formative years. At the age of 9 he heard Art Blakey live: a concert which made a great impression on him.

He studied jazz drums at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and took lessons in world music at the Rotterdam Conservatorium. He graduated cum laude in The Hague in 1992. Stefan studied in New York in 1994 and further in 1995 in Havana with Joe Morrelo, Vernel Fournier, Pancho Quinto and others.

Stefan performed constantly in numerous bands, including his own and Bart Suèrs band SFeQ founded in 1989. His repertoire is a mixture between jazz, funk, hiphop and improvised music. He brought the e beat magician Git Hyper into the band, and as a result SfeQ became the first jazz formation with a DJ. The band won various prizes (including the Middelsee Jazztreffen and European Jazz Contest) and toured over the whole world.

In 1994 Stefan teamed up with alto saxophonist Miguel Martinez to create the band Martinez Move. In the same year with Graham B., Benjamin Herman, Stefan Schmid, Frank van Dok en Anton Goudsmit he set up the New Cool Collective. The collective played from Europe to Russia and has its own popular fixture in its hometown in Amsterdam: Big Mondays.

In 1998 Stefan met Lilian Vieira, with whom he recorded a number of tracks with SFeQ, a project at which Stefan Schmid was also involved. From this collaboration was started Zuco 103. These three created a new sound: de Brazilectro. In 1999 their debut album Outro Lado was released by the Belgian label Crammed, where a further four albums were subsequently released. Their most recent album After the Carnaval (2008) appeared with the Dutch label DOX. Zuco has toured the world since 1999.

Stefan has been a teacher in drums at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague since 2001. He has produced commercials, film music and other projects with New Cool Collective, SfeQ, Zuco 103, and Steye. Kruger is also a session drummer for bands, jingles, commercials and film music.