Donemus offers sheet music online

Donemus, publishing house of contemporary classical music, offers all sheet music online. Students can access the service by creating an account and order the sheets. Visit the Donemus website for more information.

Donemus offered a new service to Libraries and Conservatories. Students could access all scores and download them as PDF. Several Conservatories arranged a license by paying an annual fee to Donemus for their students. After the pilot both the Conservatories and Donemus decided to extend this cooperation…

Seven Dutch conservatories have settled a license to access thousands of scores in PDF. The rich catalogue of Donemus contains over 14,000 scores. Students can create their own account which will be approved by Donemus. When students want to perform a work and need the parts, they can order it in the usual way at Donemus.

Donemus will offer this service to conservatories and libraries more. This is a great way for composers to have their scores promoted and gain more interest of younger generations who are the musicians of tomorrow. Donemus will split the revenues and add it to the composers’ royalties.

‘We are very pleased with this renewed agreement.’ says Luuk Hoekstra on behalf of the Dutch Conservatories