Jazzpianist Sergio wins the PCC Jazz Concours

17 december 2019

Together with his band SIMIO, young Jazz pianist Sergio won the PCC Jazz concours in two categories. Congratulations! But he wasn’t the only Royal Conservatoire winner: The New Jazz Formation won in the younger category and vocalist Luyi became second after Sergio. Special honors where given to our KC bands SVNN 112 and Combola.

It isn’t the first win for the 18-year old. He reached the PCC Jazz Concours finals 3 times and now became first for the second time.

Everything began 12 years ago in Nootdorp when Sergio received his first classical piano lessons. “I don’t remember why and how I chose for the piano. I just knew I wanted to play this instrument”, he tells. Then, one day his music school visited the Open Day at the Royal Conservatoire and Sergio had a feeling that this could be the place for him. “My teacher told me to go for it and so I auditioned for the classical piano. During the audition someone asked me whether I would also like to audition for Jazz and I spontaneously said yes!” Sergio still plays the classical piano as his minor subject, but Jazz became his passion and this is also what he wants to study once he graduates from high school.

It’s not just talent behind Sergio’s success. He plays 3 to 4 hours a day in order to fulfil his dream: To play at the North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam one day! He already went a couple of times to see his idols such as Herbie Hancock perform.

Together with his KC classmate Tim (drums) and bassist Cas he forms the band SIMIO. Tim has good connections and so they were able to record in a studio in Hilversum. They uploaded the songs to their Spotify channel. Online visibility is important and so they also have a website, Facebook and Instagram-profile.

Sergio is very thankful that he was able to participate in the PCC Jazz Concours. “I can recommend everyone to participate. It is such an inspiring event and you meet a lot of professional Jazz players, which is a fantastic network opportunity. Follow your guts and play music you really enjoy and not what you think the jury might like to hear!”

Take a look at the performances below.


Luyi van der Lingen

The New Jazz Formation

Fotos by: majankafotografie.nl