Looking back on Side by Side 2019: Federico Fòrla

Oboist Federico Fòrla is looking back on last year’s SbyS edition.
Last Year, Federico participated in our annual Side by Side concert in cooperation with the Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century. Read here Federico’s testimonial.

''The Orchestra of the Eighteenth Century is one of the most famous orchestras in the Early Music world. I admired them from a distance, knowing their repertoire from CDs and a few concerts I visited. As a student you have the feeling: ‘This is the level I have to reach!’ I was quite nervous before the first rehearsal. But once you start playing with a professional musician by your side, the orchestra lifts you up and takes you to their level. It is nice to have a second oboist next to you. It takes a lot of pressure away and gives you an extra boost of confidence. This helps you to really be your best. I not only learned a lot during this project but performing with a professional orchestra gave me the confidence to tackle bigger and more difficult projects. Four months after Side by Side, I was approached by the Academy of Ancient Music in London and recorded a CD with them. I would have never had the courage to do this without Side by Side. ''