Meet our Sustainability Committee

While the Royal Conservatoire remains closed, many lessons, exams and meetings continue online. Today, our KonCon Sustainability Committee met on MS Teams and it is time to introduce the new committee:

We, the Sustainability committee are made up of a diverse group of students, teachers, and staff and we work closely with the directorate of the Royal Conservatoire. We are the focal point for sustainability activities in our building and to expedite action and change through:

1. Leading the dialogue with canteen, facilities and staff to further reduce our environmental impact to as low as possible – also with regards to the new building AMARE

2. Promoting a culture of sustainability and raise awareness amongst students, teachers and staff

3. Coordinating activities to lower our carbon footprint. Significant progress has been made on these goals already:

The KC Canteen: The canteen now serves more vegan and vegetarian options and labels them with green stickers to make them more visible. The canteen banned almost all the plastic and replaced it with more sustainable options (e.g. bamboo spoons, paper plates, real plates and cutlery in the evenings, paper straws). The canteen also now offers a discount for customers who bring their own mugs, plates and cutlery.

The KC Building:
Our cleaning company CSU is committed to use eco-friendly cleaning products packaged in recycled plastic. Our waste is sorted and recycled in special facilities.

KC Travelling:
Flying is a major cause of CO2 emissions. Therefore, the Royal Conservatoire is committed to always choose the most sustainable travel option available. For travels within Europe, the Royal Conservatoire first checks whether it is possible to travel by train. We also started to collaborate with the Climate Neutral Group. CNG wants to accelerate the transition to a net-zero carbon economy and helps us to compensate for all CO2 emissions caused by our flights. In 2019, we already compensated 212,37 tons of CO2 emissions.

Do you have any ideas, wishes and concerns regarding sustainability at the Royal Conservatoire? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us via KonCon Online or one of the committee members.

Committee Members:

Alba Gil Aceytuno
Arne Visser
Daphne van den Berge
Eric Moser
Georgia Williams
Henk van der Meulen
Ipek Atila
Iris Tahamtan
Jasperina Verheij
Marco Luparia
Vito Vicar