ProMiMiC live lab in HMC Antoniushove

19 september 2022

The Royal Conservatoire is involved in a European research project ProMiMiC. This project aims to further professionalise a live music practice in hospitals, where small groups of musicians make person-centred music for patients and nursing staff. Live music in a medical setting can be very meaningful for both patients and staff. Patients can for example feel better, experience less pain or stress and nurses feel a deeper connection to patients. For (future) musicians and our students, it is a way to play for new, smaller audiences in different settings.

This week a ProMiMiC live-lab takes place in Haaglanden Medisch Centrum. Musicians Maaike van de Linde (flute), René van Munster (cello) and Jesse Faber (clarinet) play for patients and staff of the Oncology ward of Antoniushove in Leidschendam. The kickoff was on Tuesday with a short concert for the nursing staff. This whole week the musicians play on the ward every morning if the patient wants this. The musicians can play pieces on demand. A popular theme, a piece of a specific composer, a pop song, light and cheerful or perhaps a more serious or religious piece. And sometimes the musicians and patient start talking about memories or journeys and the musicians start to improvise. It is always a very meaningful moment for patients, nurses and musicians.

While the musicians are playing, the effects of live music on patients and nurses are being studied by professional researchers. During this live lab the research focuses on collaborative work between nurse and musician. All the results of this research project will be presented in June 2023 during a two-day symposium in Groningen and The Hague.