Soleil and Jelle winners Kylián Foundation 2021

Last Saturday 2 students of the Royal Conservatoire were suprised to receive the Kylián Foundation Award 2021. The committee awarded Soleil de Jager and Jelle Johannes Hendrix with €2.000 each. The Kylián Foundation was initiated and established in 1988.

Soleil is described by the comittee as an elegant, conscious, unforced, musical modern and classical dancer. More 'going outside', becoming freer, daring to push boundaries will stimulate the expression of her personal artistry: elegance and guts can go very well together. Prize to stimulate further artistic growth and to encourage her to more 'courage'.

Jelle is described by the committee as a thinking, involved, studious, assertive, purposeful dancer. Demonstrates intense pleasure in dancing, collaborating and creating yourself. An eager student, radiates some degree of sovereignty.

Both students started her dancing journey at the School of Young Talent and currently into the Bachelor programme Dance at the Royal Conservatoire.

We congratulate both dancers and wish them good luck for their future careers.