Kasper van der Horst

Hoofdvakdocent ArtScience

Kasper van der Horst studied photography at the School of Photography in The Hague. After his studies he developed an interest in video, computer animation and computer graphics and started his own studio, Sparks. In 1988 he was invited to teach video at CAM, and a year later to become a teacher at the Interfaculty Image & Sound, where he first taught analogue video and, since 1993, digital imagery. During his classes at the Interfaculty students started to develop moving digital graphics, resulting in some of the earliest VJs and visual musicians who created visuals and moving images that accompanied DJ acts, shown during the Sonic Acts Festival in 1994.

During the collective research projects he often works with a small group of students on special visual effects that relate in delicate ways to the general theme of the project. In 1998 his research on dynamic video projections resulted in an astounding contribution to the closing night of the Holland Festival in Paradiso. For the ArtScience curriculum he developed many introductory courses on the subjects: Freestyle Video, Image & Sound (with Robert Pravda) and MetaMedia (with Taco Stolk). Next to these courses Van Der Horst organised many video workshops and collaborated on almost all of the large-scale projects at the Interfaculty. The resarch project "Structet : Building Music" in 2006 was one of the most successful performances in the Todaysart festival that year and it is the only project in the festival´s history that was invited again, in 2011.

Since 2010 van der Horst has been directing multiscreen installations for Rockheim, the museum for Norwegian pop music in Trondheim. He also designed 3d avatars for the interactive part of the museum.