E-learning apps

Below you will find the applications currently recommended by the Royal Conservatoire. Note that only Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom are fully supported by our ICT Department and e-Learning coordinator. Support for other applications is limited but we will try to help you as much as possible where we can.


Microsoft Teams is on the one hand a 'virtual classroom' application that allows for communication, collaboration, file-sharing, class meetings and class assignments. In this scenario you will be added to a class team. On the other hand you can use Teams to communicate (chat or video-calling) with the staff, teachers and fellow students of the Royal Conservatoire outside of a class team. There are even some public teams specifically designed for social contact. Contact information of the Royal Conservatoire teachers and students is already synced within Teams so you can get started right away.

You can find an up to date FAQ under 'MS Teams FAQ' below if you have any questions. If your question is not found under FAQ you can contact the e-Learning coordinator (see contact).

Getting started

Everybody at KC has access to Microsoft Teams. You can log in at teams.microsoft.com using your Koncon account (email and password). If you lost your koncon password, please click here to reset it. The MS Teams application for desktop can be downloaded here https://teams.microsoft.com/downloads. Both the web-app and desktop-app work together; for the most stable experience please install the desktop-app. Smartphone users need to install the Teams app via the Google or Apple store.

By default, students are not able to create their own teams. Teachers are able to do so but only after sending in a request to the KC ICT-Department: ICT@hdkdenhaag.nl. This way we can manage our support for MS Teams as best as possible.

Introduction to Teams

Guides & Tutorials:

Royal Conservatoire Tutorial Video's

Printable Quick guide

Microsoft videotrainings

Microsoft Help

Q: I don't know/forgot my Koncon password
A: Reset your password at start.hdk.nl

Q: I don't have a pc or laptop, can I still use Teams with my smartphone?
A: Yes, you can still use Teams but you need to download the android app or the ios app. But be aware that on smartphone you will have less functionality than on a laptop or pc.

Q: I have to hand-in an assignment, but the file is too big for Teams.
A: Upload your files in Onedrive and use a link to that file to hand-in the assignments.


Jamulus is an innovative live music platform enabling musicians to play and record music together in real time from different locations over the internet as if they are sitting in the same room. The platform is free to use. The main benefit of Jamulus is the relatively good sound quality, which makes remote playing together possible. Please note that Jamulus 'online rooms' are not private as other players can freely enter. For private individual lessons please consider Sonobus.

You might need additional hardware such as a microphone and, or an audio interface. Please check the EWP Website for recommendations and affordable options.

For a complete instruction on Jamulus please go this page.

Online resources

The Royal Conservatoire Library offers students, teachers and staff access to several online databases where you can find sheet music, videos and masterclasses. These materials can help you teach your class remotely.

You can easily access the entire online catalogues by logging in to our Intranet here.

Please use your koncon email address and password to login. Once you logged in, please click on Services and then on Library.

Under the section Digital Resources, you find an overview of our digital content.

For more questions on how to use our Online Resources, please contact our library staff: library.kc@koncon.nl

If you have difficulties logging into the intranet, please contact our KC ICT-Department: ict@hdkdenhaag.nl

The world's leading classical music channel, medici.tv has offered access to the best of classical music. More than 150 live events are broadcast each year, in partnership with the world's most prestigious venues, opera houses, etc.: Berliner Philharmoniker, London Symphony Orchestra, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, Bolshoi Theater, Opéra national de Paris, and more. Medici.tv has the largest on-demand library of classical music including:

  • concerts and archived historical concerts;
  • operas;
  • ballets;
  • documentaries, artist portraits and educational programs;
  • master classes.

International Music Score Library Project: A database with half a million complete scores online.

A digital library for scholars, researchers, and students and provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.

Donemus (compounded from Documentatiecentrum NederlandseMuziek) is the Dutch institute dealing with the documentation of contemporary music composed in the Netherlands. Founded in 1947 it published thousands of scores and produced all instrumental parts. Many KonCon alumni and teachers published their works through Donemus.

Documents and disseminates music research worldwide. Abstracts of Music Literature (1967 to present).

Babelscores looks into and selects the works of the most creative, original and innovative composers of the past few decades offering a wide catalogue and setting up a powerful circulation platform addressed to instrumentalists, ensembles, orchestras, composers, musicologists, conservatories, universities and festivals throughout the world.

Grove Music Online is the world’s premier online music encyclopedia, offering comprehensive coverage of music, musicians, music-making, and music scholarship.