You've reached the end of your studies and it is now time to leave the KC and maybe even the Netherlands.

If you are going to leave the Netherlands, you will need to take the following steps shortly before your departure:

For all students: report your departure from the Netherlands to the Municipal Registry Office of the city where you are currently living.
For more information, please visit The Hague: Report your move abroad (deregistration).

    For non-EU/EEA students only: return your residence document to the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). You can return your residence document either by post, or in person to a nearby IND desk (by appointment only).
    For more information, please visit IND: Leaving the Netherlands.

    Have you arranged for student finance with DUO? Please make sure to update your status to avoid any administrative hassle or fines. DUO helps you with an easy online change help form. Please visit the form here.

    Make sure you register in the Alumni Community of the Royal Conservatoire to stay in touch with us (we also have an app!) and good luck with your new endeavours!