Alumnus Pablo Gigosos winner first prize Gebrüder Competition Graun Wettbewerb

Alumnus Pablo Gigosos took home the first prize as best soloist, playing the classical flute.

The competition took place from 2nd to 4th of November at Bürgerhaus in Bad Liebenwerda and was organized by the Sparkassenstiftung „Zukunft Elbe-Elster-Land“ and the Culture Office of Elbe-Elster in cooperation with the town of Bad Liebenwerda und the town of UebigauWahrenbrück, Germany.

Eligible for the competition were original works of Carl Heinrich Graun and Johann Gottlieb Graun as well as works of the representatives of “Berliner Klassik” and selected Saxon contemporaries of the 18th century. At least one of the performed pieces was to be an original work of one of the Graun brothers.

Besides the prize money, Pablo has also been awarded „Hofkapelle Elbe-Elster“ for the year 2019. The award comprises of three concerts in the Elbe-Elster region including a 5-day rehearsal phase beforehand.

Pablo holds a Bachelor of Music degree from the Royal Conservatoire, having studied with Wieke Karten and Wilbert Hazelzet.