Dancer Demi talks about the ´Eindvoorstellingen´

Friday, our dancers debuted in their annual end-of-the-year performance. The ‘Eindvoorstellingen’ are one of the Conservatoire’s highlights of the year. Every school year concludes with an outstanding show in the Kees van Baarenzaal. In preparation of tonight’s premiere, we spoke to Demi, our star of this year’s poster campaign (you might have seen her and Sven’s poster hanging on top of our entrance).

Demi is already at the Royal Conservatoire for several years and she joined us in Group 7. Since then, she has performed in many ‘Eindvoorstellingen’. The ‘Eindvoorstellingen’ bring the entire school together and we even perform in one choreography with all 110 dancers on stage. Eight years ago, I was one of the young dancers looking up to the older students with admiration. Now, I am becoming one of the older ones and next year, I have to start looking for internships and do auditions. It is nice to be reminded where it all began. This year, Demi will have a solo part in the modern dance piece by American choreographer Maurice Causey. Causey wrote ‘I’ve been kissed’ especially for the Royal Conservatoire three years ago and Demi is very happy to dance in this contemporary choreography as it adds to her diverse dance portfolio. Our school has a huge diversity when it comes to styles. This distinguishes us from other schools and is a great advantage. Next to dancing classical ballet, I also enjoy contemporary dance and improvisation where I can try out other styles such as Hip Hop. But I could also imagine to work outside the spotlight and create my own choreographies.

When asking her what her main goal for the week will be, Demi immediately answers: Joy! I want to enjoy this week of performing. Dancing mostly gives me happiness and I really like doing it. I try to take good care of myself this week, by eating healthy and sleeping enough. We wish Demi and all our dancers Toi Toi Toi for the ‘Eindvoorstellingen’. All shows are almost sold out so buy your ticket soon!