If you want to go faster, go faster!

When you meet Rita Gasala for the first time, you are immediately captivated by her sparkling personality and charismatic smile. But don’t let yourself be fooled, despite her young age, the talented mezzo-soprano already lived in several European metropoles such as Madrid and Paris before moving to The Hague and already studied Business Administration, before completely committing to the world of opera and singing. In short, she knows what she wants and is willing to work hard for it!

During her studies at the prestigious Sciences Po in Paris, she met a fellow singer who told her: ‘You need to study with Rita!’ That being Rita Dams, her namesake and Main Subject Teacher Vocal Studies Classical and Early Music.

She doesn’t hesitate for long and takes the train to The Hague to meet the other Rita. ‘When I entered the building for the first time, I could really feel the positive energy of this place; a friendly and healthy atmosphere. Singers are friends, not competition!’

‘In the end, I was accepted into a couple of great schools in Europe, but I chose for Rita and The Hague! Rita is an amazing teacher; she believes in the intellectual and personal growth of her students. She gives me a lot of space to grow and to find my own artistic identity. And The Hague is amazing: You can cycle anywhere you want and the air is clean, which is actually a quite important aspect for a vocalist!’

Rita cycles everywhere in The Hague
Rita cycles everywhere in The Hague

Generally, Rita appreciates the open and unrestricted atmosphere at the Royal Conservatoire. ‘There is a dialogue between the department, teachers and students. If you propose something to our Department Head Monica Damen for instance, she listens carefully and will help you. I really feel, that the school cares about me!’

‘You have endless opportunities here at the Royal Conservatoire, many different projects and study options that are so important for a singer. You can choose to sing in a small opera, a big production or do a Minor in Baroque singing. And the best part is: You decide what is best for you, without losing yourself in an ocean of projects. If you want to go faster, go faster. If you want to go slower, go slower.’

Operita Saturdays on YouTube

Every Saturday, Rita takes us behind the scenes of the fascinating world of opera singing. She discusses topic such as 'How Do I Listen Opera' or shares her latest work, like Schubert's iconic 'Der Tod und das Mädchen'.

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