Quality Culture

At the Royal Conservatoire we have designed our Quality approach as a ∞ lemniscate . The lemniscate is a very old internationally used symbol for infinity, eternal movement or for a value that increases without limit. And is also seen as a symbol for harmony and balance. The Quality Culture approach at the Royal Conservatoire is based on the conviction that by combining internal and external knowledge and feedback, the quality of both our improvement processes as well as external accountability can be optimised and conducted successfully.

Information gained by internal QA tools (such as student and employee surveys, feedback from alumni and the professional field), as well as feedback from professional peers trough accreditation or external feedback processes provide us with a clear picture of the actual Quality level of the institute and help us identify areas for improvement. Based on this information, periodically an improvement plan, or a quality action plan, is established and implemented. But of course, where possible, we also make improvements immediately. You could regard this as the internal route for quality. Results of investigations and improvement measures are also an important basis for the self-evaluation report, or in general, external accountability we need to provide for accreditation processes (external route). Both cycles are connected, the internal route affects the external route and vice versa.

All of the programmes at the Royal Conservatoire have been rated as good or very good by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO). The NVAO’s decisions and its reports for each programme can be found under Accreditation.

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Continuous Improvement


Th&ma published an article (Dutch only) on the lemniscate. You can read the article here.


Check the planning for 2017 - 2024 for continuous improvement here.


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