Anka Koziel

Docent Zang

Anka Koziel, born in Oswiecim (PL) and living in the Netherlands, works as a freelance vocalist, teacher, arranger, composer, and researcher. She is also very active within Erasmus Staff Exchange program, teaching in other European conservatoires and is an authorised Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) teacher.

Anka specialises in extensive vocal techniques (e.g. Tuva, overtone singing), vocal effects (growl, grunt, distortion, to name a few), jazz rhythm and timing, and irregular (odd) meters. In 1999 she moved to the Netherlands to study at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, and graduated with a Masters Degree in 2005. She has been involved in numerous jazz projects cooperating with artists like Kenny Wheeler (North Sea Jazz Festival 2004), The Big Band of the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Nueva Manteca (Live concert ‘Requiem para el Mundo’ 2010 DVD), Big Band of the Jazz Academy in Katowice (Poland), The Hague Ethospheric Orchestra (THEO) (‘Earthing’ Laika Records 2014) and numerous contemporary composers (Kate Neil, Barbara Okma, Filip Matuszewski, Barbara Ellison).

In 2008 she released her debut album “Tales of the Forest” with Anka Koziel Quartet (OAP Records 2008), a compilation of her own compositions, traditional Polish folk songs, and few classics of Chopin wrapped in a jazzy package. In 2018 came out ‘Slightly Odd’ (self-produced and released) as a result of a research on odd meters and timing, with her original compositions and one jazz standard. She performs her music in various constellations, from solo concerts (with loop station) to orchestral projects.

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