Eline Fung Fen Chung - "I could combine my musical and academic ambitions here"

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Alumna Eline Fung Fen Chung about her time at the Royal Conservatoire.

"The Royal Conservatoire is an inspiring environment where there is never silence: wherever you are there is the sound of someone humming or playing music or gentle sounds drifting from the ballet studios. As a small girl, this made a huge impression on me. The reason why I chose to study at the Royal Conservatoire is because I could combine my musical and academic ambitions there, not only during secondary school, but also in my further education. These unique programmes enabled me to reach a high standard in both domains. The Royal Conservatoire has given me the chance to step outside my comfort zone and play with other students and with less well-known instruments. After completing the Practicum Musicae programme, I was offered the chance to be the commercial manager of the Practicum Musicae Orchestra. I learned a lot from that extraordinary experience!"

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Photo-credit: Desiré van den Berg