You can only audition for the Master Specialisation Chamber Music after successful admission to the regular master’s programme at the Royal Conservatoire (KC) of all members of your ensemble.

Minimum size of the ensemble


Submission materials

After you are admitted to the Master’s programme, you will be asked to submit, as an ensemble:

  • representative recordings of your ensemble (approximately 20 minutes)
  • a motivation letter that answers the following questions:
    • your motivation for applying to the chamber music specialization
    • the repertoire you intend to work on as an ensemble
    • your artistic vision
    • two or three teachers from the programme you wish to work with


Deadline for submitting the recordings and motivation letter is June 1st. You will be informed of the outcome of the audition by July 1st.

Admission criteria

Ensembles will be assessed based on:

  • demonstration of advanced instrumental and musical abilities
  • demonstration of the potential for development as an ensemble
  • the ability to formulate a convincing artistic vision