Career Development Office (CDO)

The Career Development Office (CDO) is a resource within the Royal Conservatoire for students participating in concerts and other extra-curricular activities. You will need to earn credits in the Bachelor and Master courses as part of your curriculum for outside activities such as participating in masterclasses or ensemble projects, performing as freelancers in orchestras, organising concerts, concert series or festivals, crowdfunding, recording your own CD or making a website - all of that experience and preparedness connected with the profession that equips you for maximum employability.

In the Bachelor programme credits can be earned for such activities in the second and third year, and is mandatory in the fourth year for students not completing a Minor.

The CDO also handles various assignments received from outside the institute and can help students to find jobs or venues for concerts outside the Royal Conservatoire. Students who want to request credits from the CDO for activities outside the conservatoire can do so by completing a form which is available from the CDO, or which can be found in the documents folder below. You use this form to describe this activity and what you gained from doing it. The completed form should then be returned to the CDO via email: A departmental coordinator will evaluate the activity and the relevant number of credits will be awarded for the assignment. The CDO will then ensure that the credits are entered into the student information system OSIRIS.

Your Career Development Office is also here to help with all kinds of practical questions. If you want to have your CV checked or need help with a job application, if you're confused by the Dutch tax system or want to start as your own business, please feel free to ask and we'll do what we can to help. Please also take a look at the links below as a starting point for the wealth of information available online.